Easy Behavior Tracker


Easy Behavior Tracker makes tracking student behavior fast and simple! This is a fantastic tool for busy teachers!



During a hectic day in the classroom, it can be hard to remember to keep records of incidents that occur. Because it only takes a few seconds to record student behaviors with this app, you will be keeping better records than you ever have before.

Easy Behavior Tracker for Teachers Classes


Record student behavior in just a few seconds!

Notify parents directly from the app!

Be prepared for meetings with parents and administrators!

Designed by an experienced teacher!

Add as many classes and students as you need.  You can add classes and students  manually, or quickly import with easy to follow step-by-step instructions which are provided in detail in the Import Tutorial.

       Import Tutorial



You can also add a picture for each student by choosing a picture from your camera roll or by taking a new picture with the app.


Log a student incident with a few taps of your device.

It will include the behavior, the action taken by the teacher and the date. You can add extra comments if necessary. You can launch the “Add Incident” screen by selecting “Incident” from the “My Classes” screen or by tapping “Incident” next to the selected student.

Easy Behavior Tracker for Teachers Student listEasy Behavior Tracker for Teachers add incident


Easy Behavior Tracker for Teachers student selection


Create incidents for multiple students!



You can quickly create incidents for multiple students by selecting all that are involved without having to go through the steps for each student. This feature is handy if an entire group is disrupting a lesson. When choosing “incident” by selecting a specific student, other students can still be added to the incident by tapping the “students” line.






 Attach Photos!

Attach a photo to an incident for documentation. The next time a student sleeps in class or defaces school property, snap a photo for your records. The photos can also be attached to emails when notifying parents.

★Quick Search Function!

The search function allows you to quickly find any student. Typing at least 3 letters of a student’s name will pull up all matching records.

Easy Behavior Tracker for Teachers indident pictureEasy Student Behavior Tracker for Teachers Search Tool


Send notifications to parents directly from the app!


The app will automatically generate an email that includes the incidents for a student for a given date range that you can quickly send to parents. You can always edit the email and add extra comments as well. Any pictures attached to an incident can be sent in the email as well.

You can also launch a phone call  or text directly from the app without having to search elsewhere for parent contact information.

This app allows you  to conveniently store parent contact information in the app and keep it separate from your personal contacts. This is a great feature if you like to keep your work life and personal life separate.

Currently you can save two sets of  phone numbers and emails per student in the app.

When you notify parents from the app a record will be saved in the history for documentation.

Easy Behavior Tracker for Teachers Parent Notification Easy Behavior Tracker for Teachers Notification Email


 Easy Behavior Tracker for Teachers Settings

★Modify settings to fit your classroom!



Manage behavior types and actions taken by easily adding the incidents that occur most often in your particular classroom. Good behaviors can also be added if you want to use the app to monitor positive behaviors like good attitudes or excellent participation. Tap any existing behavior or action to edit or delete. Easily set date ranges for your terms: semesters, quarters, 9 weeks, etc. so that you can easily filter your records when notifying parents or filling out progress reports.





Easy Behavior Tracker for Teachers Behaviors ManagerEasy Behavior Tracker for Teachers Add manage behaviors

 Easy Behavior Tracker for Teachers History

★Easily see student history!


Student history makes it easy for you to notice and have records of patterns of behavior.


Quickly export class history so that you can print a record or save to files on your computer. History can be exported for the entire class or for selected students. The class history can really help when filling out report cards and progress reports!


Be prepared for parent conferences!


Import Tutorial





easy behavior tracker best app for teachers

Available for iPhone and iPad

iPhone 5 Ready!!




This app is also great for teams and afterschool clubs!

Keep records for :

 – Missed practices

 – Forgotten uniforms

 – Money not turned in

 – Being late for meetings



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