Employee Manager

Employee Manager: Goal and Incident Tracking

Employee Manager makes keeping employee records fast and simple! This is a fantastic tool for busy managers!


Because it only takes a few seconds to record incidents, set goals, and log meetings with this app, you will be keeping better employee records than you ever have before.

New Features for version 2.0:

Landscape viewing for iPad, larger notes/comments sections, passcode protection, incident indicators, user-defined fields, and enchanced “Events” section


Employee Manager goal and incident tracking app

★ Keep track of employee incidents, both positive and negative!

★ Keep track of employee goals!

★ Have documentation at your fingertips!

★ Designed by an experienced manager!


Add as many groups and employees as you need. You can add groups and employees manually, or quickly import with easy to follow step-by-step instructions which are provided in detail in the Import Tutorial.

Import Tutorial



Optional incident indicators allow you to see  how employees are performing at a glance.



You may also add a picture for each employee by choosing a picture from your camera roll or by taking a new picture with the app.


Add Incident_ Employee Manager

Log an employee incident with a few taps of your device.


It will include the incident type, the action taken and the date.

You can add extra comments to the incident if necessary.

Attach a photo to an incident for extra documentation.


Keep records of when employees are late to work, fail to complete tasks, etc.

Also use the app to record when employees are doing excellent work.






Employee Manager Goals and Incident Tracking


★Keep track of employee goals.


Keep track of employee goals including target dates and completion status.


Easily email the goals to each employee, HR, or upper management.


You also have the ability to archive goals.







Employee Tracker Meeting Log

 ★Log meetings with employess.


Easily see what incidents and goals need to be discussed at the meeting.


Record meeting notes.


Email meeting summaries to employees or upper management directly from the app. Meeting summaries will include: incidents discussed, goals along with target dates and completion status, and any meeting notes taken.


A record of the meeting will be saved in the history for documentation.




Track incidents for performance reviews

★Easily see employee history!


Employee history makes it easy for you to notice and have records of patterns of behavior. This comes in handy when making decisions about bonuses, merit increases, or layoffs.


This makes filling out performance reviews so much easier when you are trying to remember incidents that happened months ago!










Employee Manager Employee Information

★ Conveniently store employee contact information!


Launch a phone call, text, or email directly from the app without having to search elsewhere for employee contact information.


Have employee information at your fingertips including: contact information, birthdays, employment anniversaries, and emergency contacts.


You may also add user-defined fields (UDF’s) for your employees that meet your specific business needs.





Export Incidents and goals

★ Easy export of incident history and goals



Quickly export incident history and goals by email in a .csv file that can be opened in Excel, Numbers or other spreadsheet application, so that you can print a record, save to files on your computer, or provide records for your employees or upper management.







★Modify settings to fit your business!

Manage incident types and actions taken by easily adding the incidents that occur most often in your particular business.

Easily set date ranges for your review periods so that you can easily filter for a given time period when meeting with employees, filling out employee reviews, or providing information to upper management or HR.

The ability to add user-defined fields (UDF’s) allows you to customize the app to fit your business needs.

Enable the passcode to ensure confidentiality of your data.

Employee Manager Settings UDF incident indicators passcode

Employee Manager Incidents

The picture to the left shows some of the preloaded incidents. You can delete or modify any of the pre-loaded incidents and action types as well as add your own.

 Employee Manager Events Hire Date Birthday

★Events screen shows important employee dates.


Employee Manager Goal and Incident Tracking for Iphone and Ipad


For iPhone and iPad

 Optimized for iPhone 5!