Math Fact Master Reviews

“I am a teacher. I love this app! You thought of everything and put it in simple form…”

“I’ve had Math Fact Master for only a few days, and already my son is showing great signs of improvement on his multiplication!”

“I have purchased many math apps for my 3rd grader and this is the one!!! It has everything I have been looking for.  I will recommend it to all his friends’ parents!”

“This app has been helpful in homeschooling our children!”

“My ADHD 6th grade son who still struggled with his basic X’s Tables is now getting an A+ in his math class. A dramatic increase from a D. My 3rd grader is now trying to catch up to him. Apparently Math is now fun. Great  App!!!”

“I’m a teacher and parent of children who struggle to pass time tests. I love this app. And how you can specify what numbers to include in the practice rounds. My daughter passed multiplication time tests after 4 days of using this app. I am going to start going to her classroom and sharing this app with other students who are struggling.”

“I’m 11 and I have to say this is the best math app ever. I hate math and it’s been so hard to find a good math app. This is the best math app out there! You will love this app!”

“This is a great & easy way to learn math facts! I give it to my kids when we are in the car, it’s so convenient.”

“My son uses this app everyday as part of his math homework. His math grade has gone up a letter grade since he started using it.”

“I am 8. And I am getting faster at math, FINALLY!”