Star Math


star math addition subtraction multiplication division integers

Star Math is a fun space-themed arithmetic game. Increase recall speed of math facts, and work on sharpening your mental math skills. Work on addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and integers.



Star math facts game

Game play:

You have 2 minutes to try and beat your high score. Answer the problems by tapping the correct planet as they are moving across the screen. Comets will zoom across the screen and hit your target. You get 100 points for each correct answer, and lose 100 points for each wrong answer. If you answer 3 problems in a row quickly, you have a few seconds of bonus play where you get 200 points for each correct answer. Answer 3 more quickly to move into double bonus where you will get 400 points for each correct answer, but you have to hurry because the bonus only lasts a few seconds.


 Star Math Facts Game

Choose from 5 different game types: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division and Integers.


Each of these game categories has 3 different levels.


Addition Easy: adding 0-9

Addition Medium: adding 2-20

Addition Hard: adding 4-50

Corresponding problems are given for the subtraction levels.

Multiplication Easy: multiplying 0-9

Multiplication Medium: multiplying 2-15

Multiplication Hard: multiplying 2-20

Corresponding problems are given for the division levels.

Integers is broken into Addition and Subtraction (-20 to 20), Multiplication and Division (-12 to 12), and All (-12 to 12)

 Star Math app high scores


Profiles and High Scores : Each player can set up his/her own profile to save scores. High scores are kept for each player.


Addition Subtraction Multiplication Division Integers Game


Available for iPhone and iPad

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